*Stamp Scrubber - washable

Brand: Couture Creations

Product Code: CO728299

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127 x 177.8mm | 5 x 7in

Works with Rubber, Foam and Clear Stamps.
Clean scrubber cleaning pad with water and mild detergent. Do not use in the dishwasher. Not recommended for use with solvent based inks.

Using your Couture Creations Stamp Scrubber
Download the printable pdf for these step by steps here

1. Either spray your stamp design or the bottom section of your Stamp Scrubber with Couture Creations All Purpose Stamp Cleaner

2. Place your stamp design face down onto the bottom section of your stamp scrubber

3. Rub your stamp vigorously until most of the ink and liquid has been dispersed

4. Move to the top section to finish cleaning and drying your stamp design